A Legacy of Padrons Psyche

It is with indescribable joy - that Dixie and Robert North of North Arabians announce the completion of 2-year project - a labor of love - a tribute to the great stallion and leading sire of the breed, Padrons Psyche! This heartfelt tribute is an exquisite, artistic, coffee-table book that features never before images of Padrons Psyche as he was captured through the lens of the most talented equine photographers in the Arabian community and beyond. The magnificent imagery was paired with text that takes the reader from the origins of the Arabian horse, through Psyche's aristocratic ancestors, his early years, to his life at North Arabians. It maps out Psyche's rise to becoming a leading sire of the breed and one of the most beloved stallions of this generation and showcases many of his most prominent offspring. This book is sure to be a collectors item that will be cherished for generations to come.

Accompanying this book is a gorgeous indepth DVD of Padron Psyche, produced by Windborne Video Productions.

Publisher: Robert and Dixie North, North Arabians
Co-Publisher: Scott Bailey, Arabhorse.com

For additional information please contact:
Robert and Dixie North • 760.789.3208 • info@northarabians.com