Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge


Email: bettywelton@healingheartsaz.org

Phone: (480) 279-5135
Fax: (480) 988-5291

What they do...

Domestic companion and farm animals of all kinds (with an emphasis on horses) find a safe haven at this unique and dedicated animal
facility. Working in cooperation with law enforcement, animal welfare agencies and the private sector, we take in those
animals that have been abandoned, abused or neglected.

Healing Hearts operates a fully equipped Mobile Veterinary Surgical Unit with care provided by Dr. Kathleen Slocum, DVM with over 20
years of experience. We offer an extensive range of medical and surgical procedures to animal rescue agencies, along with outreach into rural and low income areas.

Although Healing Hearts is a refuge where animals may live out their natural lives, they also have an opportunity to be adopted into new, loving homes. This allows their places to then be occupied by other animals in need of our help. Healing Hearts does not euthanize
for space or behavior, but only for humane medical reasons.

Refuge Facility...

Phase I and II of our refuge facility has been completed.

This included:

- Acquisition of 54-acres of beautiful land in Willcox, Arizona.
- Installation of infrastructure including power, water, pastures with grazing grasses as well as shade trees.
- Construction of an 18-stall horse barn.
- Completion of 20 3/4 horse pens.

Phase III will include construction of a dog kennel, cattery, pig housing, as well as various pens capable of housing bunnies, goats, mules, sheep, and donkeys based upon need. Healing Hearts will also create a memorial garden which will offer a place for residents to honor a beloved animal.

Where they are going...

Future plans include expansion of our Mobile Veterinary Surgical Unit operations, low cost spay/ neuter programs, humane education/community outreach programs as well as collaborative efforts with Arizona government and animal welfare agencies to
actively provide solutions towards ending animal overpopulation, abuse, abandonment and neglect.