Horse Times

Horse Times is a complimentary quarterly English magazine established in Egypt in 1997 after years of a growing fascination for horses in the region. It is the only English publication in the Middle East aiming to improve accessibility to services within the dynamics of the equestrian sports industry in the Arab region. After much exposure, it soon became an arena for providing valuable information, essential to the future development of the equestrian sport. With its increasingly versatile and specialized content, Horse Times has been able to raise media awareness of the sport, enable readers to envision the future of the sport through the eyes of businessmen, sponsors, and riders in order to create a venue for freedom of expression, and combine local news and events with the latest on the international field.

Horse Times: Equestrian Magazine,quarterly English magazine. In 2007 we celebrated our 10th anniversary and launched a new look for Horse Times as well as added new sections that were both entertaining and informative; a part of our new goal was to extend more light on how the horse plays an integral part in our civilization; in poetry, in conquests, in art and in concepts of chivalry.
Horse Times is not only Egypt's official equestrian magazine, but also an accredited international magazine with effective and ever-expanding recognition. Moreover, it is distributed to key corporations, riders, breeders, horse lovers and equestrian federations throughout Egypt, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. Additionally, the magazine is hand-delivered to an exclusive subscription base.