Jewels of the Desert

The new book on Egyptian Arabian horses. Text & photography: Judith Wich.
With a foreword by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Khaled Bin Hamad Al-Thani and an introduction by Judith Forbis. Published in 2008 by Orienta Publications, Germany. 176 pages with 135 colour photos and lithographies. Decorated with Arabian calligraphy. English language. Size ca. 25,6 x 25,6 cm. Hardcover with dust jacket and book-mark. First edition.
ISBN 978-3-9811137-0-9
Price 69,- Euro (excl. postage and packing)

This book is a must for every Arabian horse enthusiast! In her first chapter, Judith Wich introduces us to the Egyptian Arabian and its timeless fascination. Thereafter, the author provides a short history of Egyptian Arabian horses and gives us an insight into their glorious past. In the chapter "A Journey to the Arabian Gulf" Judith Wich takes us on a travel to the Gulf region. This guide to spectacular stud farms in Qatar, Kuwait, the U.A.E. etc. will delight and inform all those interested in exquisite bloodlines and beautiful horses. While the whole book is lavishly illustrated with colour pictures, its extensive "Photo Gallery" is especially appealing. Large sized portraits of impressive straight Egyptians - often in Middle Eastern settings - are a feast for the eyes. A clear, modern book design with arabesque elements underlines the elegance and nobility of the pictured horses.

"Jewels of the Desert" includes many photos of legendary Egyptians like Al Adeed Al Shaqab, Alidaar, Ansata Hejazi, Ashhal Al Rayyan, NK Hafid Jamil, Ansata Iemhotep, Ansata Nile Pasha, Ansata Selket, Ansata Majesta, El Thay Bint Kamla, Farres, Gelgelah Albadeia, Imperial Phanilah, RN Farida and many more ...