Spirit Acres Farm Equine Rescue & Sanctuary


Email: spiritacresinc@cs.com

Phone: 936-597-5316
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Spirit Acres Farm Equine Rescue & Sanctuary is located in Montgomery, Texas. Our resident population of 50 horses plus, includes all breeds and ages. We provide care of any horse, its mental and physical health will be attended and their stay with us may be permenent as we do retire horses here. But there is no time frame for a horse to recover and finally be prepared to be adopted or fostered, it is the horses needs that is our focus always. Volunteers are us, and we do train and maintain a small staff. In our hope to educate and open minds to the needs of the horses now and the future. We try to share in our community providing a place for youth at risk to come and serve and learn how this bigger picture of life at the farm includes them in a special way . We do depend on donations and the great work done daily by our volunteers who are inspired by some pretty special horses. Our horses once graced pages of magazines,and were part of show rings glitz and racing and rodeos only to be lost somehow in sales and changes in ownership and down various trails our horses follow in their lives with mankind. A son of *Ibn Monet El Nefous and a son of Easy Jet, have come to Spirit Acres Farm to head the list of nobility for 2 breeds and there are more....!